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CRIMUN Experience - 7 nights

Hassle-free trip planning from $601

Flight coordination

Airport pickup + drop-off

Stay at the conference hotel

Select an Explore Costa Rica 3-day option

Thursday 26th September - Wednesday 2nd October

Host Family Program - 4 nights

Thurs 26th - Mon 30th of Sep from $165

Stay with a student from one of our member schools

Participate in conference activities

Optional: day at school with host

Optional: Explore Costa Rica 3 day Trip

Costa Rica

Full of culture, no army, and 6% of global biodiversity: Costa Rica is exactly as advertised. Discover golden beaches, magical waterfalls, and beautiful rainforests that characterize us.

In addition to the tropical climate and natural wonders, each participant can learn about our history in the National and Pre-columbine gold museums. The isthmus status of Costa Rica in Central America has allowed the migration of species between North and South America, making the country a biological bridge. As part of our integral mission to preserve our natural patrimony, Costa Rica has a total of 34 national parks and protected areas, which represent more than one-fourth of the national territory.

Explore Costa Rica - 3 day Tourism Packages

Puerto Viejo

La Fortuna

Manuel Antonio

Guided tour + snorkeling in Cahuita National Park

Manzanillo National Park visit

Bri Bri native reserve and Waterfall visit

Spider monkey canyoning tour

La Fortuna Waterfall visit

Arenal Volcano National Park hike

Baldi hot springs visit

Canopy tour

Kayak or snorkelling in biesanz beach

Manuel Antonio National park guided visit

El Santuario Canopy tour

Choose your destination from $318

All packages include:

  • Ground transportation

  • Hotel in dormitory style rooms (6 people)

  • Guided tours and activities

  • National Park entry fees

Every student group must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Come and explore the wonders of Costa Rica! If you want more information about trip options or host family programs, let us know.

For CRIMUN Experience packages, please contact:
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