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Passion for opportunities

Costa Rica Model UN has been offering an academically enriching space for students, educators and graduates to interact with each other, fostering a culture of collaborative problem solving through diplomacy and conflict resolution. Originally founded by two teachers who wanted to bring the Model UN experience from elite private schools to all Costarricans so that they could benefit from the unparalleled advantages it provides as a tool of personal development in communication and multifactor problem analysis.

Since its inception in 2015 the program has grown and evolved, now even former students of the program have stepped up to be part of its Supervision team by advising the current Secretariat on how best to carry out their duties. The secretariat is primarily composed of outstanding Highschool and University level students that plan and execute the conference program. The Supervisor are teachers and former Secretary Generals who ensure the academic standards for the event, and the Outreach fundraising and training programs.

If you would like to collaborate with the project please contact us at

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