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International Delegations

Represent Costa Rica Abroad

Every year our program is invited to participate in conferences around the world and share part of our culture and enthusiasm for Model UN with delegates that have a different worldview. Most of our spots are reserved for member schools, and the most prized slots are awarded to the delegates that earned a recognition during CRIMUN every year. However, individual delegates may apply for remaining spots on any of our delegations.

2024-01-10 Fermun 24 Opening Ceremony CR Delegation

CRIMUN Member Schools

Each member school contributes with their yearly fees, and a faculty advisor that participates in the monthly board meeting where we discuss program objectives, tasks and decide on how the association will handle emerging situations. Amongst these decisions is the assignment of slots per school on each of the delegations for the events we were invited to attend.

2024-01-10 Fermun 24 Delegation UNOG Flags Entrance

Global Ambassadors

Every year at CRIMUN we implement a weighted peer-reviewed feedback form in order to recognize the delegates that contributed most meaningfully towards the resolution of the debated topics under 7 categories: Holistic presence, communication skills, teamwork, solutions, professionalism, depth of research, and writing skills. Based on this and the committee directors judgement, we nominate delegates for recognitions, and an invitation to be a part of the Costa Rican delegations abroad.

2024-01-12 Delegacion MINUME 23_edited.jpg

Open Application for Delegates

When we publish trip information, delegates are welcome to apply individually for each delegation for the extra slots we have. These are few and far from guaranteed unless we deem the candidate to be a true MUN'er at heart and worthy of the opportunity. More information about these can be requested at

'24 - '25 Delegations

2024-01-11 USA 17 UN NYC

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