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Youth Leadership

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Costa Ricas Model United Nations Program

Leadership as a model of personal growth towards global sustainability

We are an association of educational institutions, teachers, graduates and former students that strives to empower future young leaders with the skills and abilities to solve our most pressing global challenges through debate and discussion in an academically enriching setting. By focusing on gradual consensus building of solutions we can emphasize the importance of tangible incremental change and depart from noisy and grandiose speeches that do nothing to solve systemic issues. A core tenant of our identity is to share this space with students from all backgrounds through our Outreach scholarship program and delegate preparation workshops for new students.

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2024 Conference

27 - 29 September, Radisson Hotel

Join us for the pinnacle of our yearly calendar as delegates convene for a weekend of cultural exchange, workshops, guest speakers and a lot of problem solving! We will have University level committees and Highschool oriented committees in both English and Spanish. Registration features conference, hotel and even post-conference trips to explore the country with your fellow MUN'ers.

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