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The World Intellectual Property Organization

Intellectual Property Derived from Human Genetic Data

Over the last several decades, humanity has figured out how to read its own genetic data. This genetic data can be vastly separated into two different categories, that genetic data which is common to all humans (the human genome) and that which is not. Furthermore, there has been a recent rise of less financially taxing and more effective measures of genetic modification which may well be applied to humans in the future. All of these present challenges to the international community in their future handling as we better learn to interpret the actions of every individual gene. As the World Intellectual Property Organization, our task will be to address the issues within these future challenges that pertain to intellectual property. One example of these would be the privatization of the human genome. In about a third of the time and a tenth of the budget, the private company known as Celera managed to map the human genome at the same time as the publicly funded international Human Genome Project while being reluctant to share their discoveries. As such, while it hardly seems appropriate to have sections of the human genetic data's impact on the human body's activity be held by a private entity rather than all of humanity, there is something to be said about the maximizing the speed of its findings. Similarly, there are issues to be addressed regarding the managing of unique gene identification markers within private databases and the treatment of human genetic modifications as extensions of the way in which animal and plant-based currently function.

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