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Women's Autonomy: Advocacy for Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights

UN Women is the United Nations organization that aims to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls through the implementation of various international programs and policies. In this opportunity, the committee will be responsible for developing the theme: "Women's Autonomy: Advocacy for Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights." It will focus on identifying and strengthening global advancements in the elimination of Female Genital Mutilation, particularly in Asia and Africa. Additionally, measures will be argued to facilitate access to quality public health, in order to promote and ensure the guarantee of women's and girls' sexual and reproductive rights. Similarly, access to decent and properly remunerated work will be discussed, acknowledging the inequality of opportunities women face under the "glass ceiling." Possible regulations that favor access to quality public education will also be discussed, contributing to the eradication of discrimination against women in different work environments. This committee aims to make progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) numbers 3, 5, and 17.

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