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Quality Education for Every Child in Costa Rica (National Committee)

By its initials UNICEF, is the United Nations Children's Fund; it's an organization founded on 11th of december of 1946 and which provides humanitarian aid to children's and adolescents globally, with a particular focus on those who live in developing nations. UNICEF believes that education is a right every human being should have access to. Despite this, 57 million children and adolescents remain unable to attend school. In this conference the topic to be discussed is the urgent reform of the Costa Rica education system. Difficulties such as the reduction in public spending in education, difficult access for vulnerable populations to the system and the poverty in the country, which have all been aggravated with the recent covid-19 pandemic. Therefore it is essential to elaborate solutions that strengthen the Costa Rica education system prioritizing the needs of children and adolescents.

Committee only in: Spanish
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