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United Nations Population Fund

Fertility of Girls and Adolescents in Costa Rica (National Committee)

Pregnancy in girls and adolescents is a multidimensional and intersectoral problem that involves health, gender and special protections for underage persons, and Costa Rica is not exempt in grappling with these issues. According to UNFPA, on the basis of INEC's vital statistics, during 2021 there were 5047 births reported amongst girls and adolescents aged 19 años or less. Of the cases in adolescents aged 15 to 19 years old, only 51,4% attended at least 8 prenatal birth control appointments, which is the amount recommended by the WHO. In 83,3% of cases the age of father was not registered or they were not present at the time of birth. Thus, the committee seeks that delegates propose critical and creative solutions that are aligned with the national reality to contribute to the caring of the girls and adolescents and their health.

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