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What is MUN?

A Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of debate based on the United Nations system, where participants or delegates assume the role of diplomats facing global issues. Conferences are divided into committees and sessions, where delegates represent the perspective of the assigned country or character while discussing topics ranging from human rights, global health, climate change, international justice, promotion of economic and social development, among many others.

How can students benefit from participating in MUN?

In this way, MUN allows participating students to engage with global problems in a participatory manner while stimulating debate skills, conflict resolution, teamwork, international knowledge, diplomacy, and identification with contemporary international affairs. Additionally, it helps develop critical thinking, improved public speaking, persuasive abilities, leadership, analytical skills, formal writing, the art of negotiation, and the design of strategies for cooperation with allies and adversaries.

A parliamentary procedure is employed, which consists of a set of rules that allow all delegates to speak and be heard while negotiating their position in an orderly manner. Students' preparation begins before attending the MUN conference, involving in-depth research on the topics to be discussed, as well as attending training workshops on these procedural rules and diplomatic protocol. The purpose of the conferences is for participants to propose feasible solutions to transform the realities they disagree with and to form relationships with young people from around the world, contributing to diversity, peaceful coexistence, and a culture of peace. Likewise, MUN enables students to transcend the school environment and apply their knowledge and skills in their everyday lives.

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Established in 2014, CRIMUN began as a Model United Nations program between Blue Valley School and Saint Clare School but grew beyond the confines of private schools as the organization sought to provide scholarships to students from public schools and invite international delegations to experience the MUN experience in Costa Rica.
Today, high school students, university students, and young professionals are the ones who volunteer their time to train, educate, and develop leadership skills in future young individuals through these types of simulations.
This development in students' leadership skills contributes to creating a better and more enlightened world, as the young participants are challenged to understand conflicts and different perspectives on global issues.

Our Mision

Prepare, with the help of committed people, new generations of young Costa Rican delegates for Model United Nations conferences, both at a national and international level, to further empower this community to become proactive leaders of the future.

Our vision

Be a Model United Nations that promotes leadership in the future generations, for the improvement of society.
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