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Territorial Conflict in the Disputed Region of Kashmir and Jammu

The Security Council will deal with the topic of the heightened relations between India and Pakistan in the modern context, specifically over the conflict in Kashmir and Jannu.  The regions of Kashmir and Jannu are highly disputed areas that have been caught in a power struggle between India and Pakistan: rival claims to the region stand poised to engulf the region in turmoil if no action is taken. Recently, both sides have continued to accuse each other on a number of attacks on human rights on each other’s soil. These hostilities reached a peak boiling point on February 19th, 2019 with tensions at an all-time high and the very real threat of a probably avoidable worsening of the situation-which could carry tragic consequences. After British involvement, a divided Kashmir, and violent military conflicts including a Kashmiri revolution, the development of nuclear arms following Pakistan’s invasion of India-controlled Kashmir was inevitable. Such conflict is worrying to the international community because of the development of nuclear weapons of the highest quality in decades; and important to the United Nations Security Council because continuous dialogue from the council’s members is critical to the safety of all South Asian citizens in question.

Committee Language: English

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