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Outreach Staff

Description of the Role:

As part of the translation and interpretation team, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice the complex task of live translation. You will have to spend several months in training. You will provide an essential component of the trilingual committee, interpreting and translating important information from one language to the other.

Responsibilities (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main responsibilities)

  • Participate in CRIMUN’s training sessions.

  • Attend Outreach meetings and general CRIMUN staff meetings.

  • Formulate communication strategies to attract potential delegates.

  • Create and maintain strategic communication with outside contacts, including, but not limited to, schools, universities, and NGOs.

  • Organize training activities for delegates.

  • Attend team building activities for the entire CRIMUN staff.

  • Answer questions properly from other members of the CRIMUN staff as well as external entities, like schools, universities and NGOs.

  • Meet up to deadlines established to hand in assignments.

  • Maintain and respect the reputation of CRIMUN by following its politics and the code of conduct.


Requirements (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main requirements)

  • Experience in Model United Nations.

  • Experience in coordinating events.

  • Experience in facilitating presentations or workshops.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Good writing skills.

  • Good time management.

  • Soft skills.

  • Proficient in English.

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