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Logistics Staff

Description of the Role:

As an active member of the Logistics Staff, you will collaborate in the organization and solve problems that may come up during the conference days. You must work as an intermediary agent to provide an excellent service to the delegates and internal logistics issues of the Model, prioritizing the order of information flow, resource management and designing as a team the processes or stages of development of the mission that this role is responsible for. We are looking for a team with innovative ideas and solutions that care about the well-being of the project and can fulfill CRIMUN's global mission of holding an excellent conference. It is necessary that as part of the Logistics Staff, they manage to work as a team and create collaborative unions in spaces of respect and responsibility.

Responsibilities (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main responsibilities)

  • Collaborate in the design of effective and decisive work plans for the adequate organization of the Model. 

  • Supervise the fulfillment of the work plans elaborated in the Team. 

  • Provide direct attention to delegates on conference days to offer resolutions for the problems and guarantee their entry to the committee (trouble shooting).

  • Work proactively providing innovative ideas for the development and expansion of the scope of CRIMUN. 

  • Others indicated by the Secretary of Logistics, or the General Secretariat.


Requirements (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main responsibilities)

  • Being a university or high school student. 

  • Have previous experience in Model United Nations, specifically related to having served as an Organizing Team. 

  • Have skills and broad command of the Spanish and English language (as an additional may include command of French).

  • Know how to collaborate and work in a team.

  • Have a flexible time schedule to attend meetings and fulfill the assigned tasks.

  • Be a punctual and responsible person. 

  • Know how to write with grammatical and spelling quality, as well as managing organizational resources (Docs, Word, Excel, Drive, among others)

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