Secretary of Logistics

Description of the Role:

The Secretary of Logistics is responsible for planning and ensuring that all matters pertaining to the smooth operation and execution of the event are accounted for, including prior to, during and after the event itself. For this one will have to coordinate meetings, procure price quotes, discern the best course of action while balancing operational complexities as well as budget restraints. Generally speaking all things that must be done prior to the event for the event to happen are part of the logistics role, from printed materials, to meals and ceremonies. This role requires high attention to detail, impeccable planning skills, ability to work independently and on a team, organizational skills, and ability to meet deadlines. 

Responsibilities (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main responsibilities)

  • Print all materials and assemble the welcome packages for participants

  • Prepare the schedule, resources and participants of the talks, ceremonies and social events for the conference to run smoothly.

  • Plan accordingly for meals, transportation and lodging for participants.

  • Lead the logistics team.

  • Train the logistics team.

  • Attend weekly Secretariat meetings.

  • Attend the All Staff meetings every three weeks.

  • Convoque meetings with the Logistics Team.

  • Respond timely to messages on Slack, our main form of communication.

  • Behave in accordance with the CRIMUN Code of Conduct.


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