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Communication and Media Staff

Description of the Role:

As part of the Communication and Media (C.M) team, you will help promote CRIMUN by contributing ideas for social media content, design of CRIMUN materials, and disseminating official information. To fulfill these tasks smoothly, you must be attentive to the internal communication channels. Additionally, you must attend team meetings.

Responsibilities (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main responsibilities)

  • Promote CRIMUN in different networks, such as social media, to achieve a greater reach for the 2021 conference.

  • Maintain CRIMUN’s reputation in all communication networks.

  • Keep CRIMUN’s social media pages up to date.

  • Create content for CRIMUN’s social media networks, by contributing ideas for content, in the design process or by disseminating the content.

  • Stay up to date with Slack messages and email.

  • Be proficient in the tools needed for content creation, such as graphic design software and video editors.


Requirements (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main requirements)

  • Meet deadlines.

  • Good work ethics both individually and in a team.

  • Good synthesizing and organizing skills

  • Design skills for content that will be posted in different social media accounts.

  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly.

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