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Committee Director

Description of the Role:

As a Committee Director, you will be able to lead the negotiations and diplomacy of a CRIMUN 2021 committee. You will be the person in charge of guiding the delegates in debating and finding possible resolutions for the problem at hand. Join the team!

Responsibilities (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main responsibilities)

  •  Know and follow the Presidents’ Manual.

  • Attend general staff meetings on a regular basis.

  • Cooperate and follow the assignments given by the heads of Secretary General, as well as the Communication and Media Secretaries, Translation and Interpretation, Academic, Outreach, and Logistics.

  • Follow CRIMUN’s Code of Conduct.

  • Investigate on and master the topic of your committee.

  • Write a Study Guide for your committee.

  • Direct mockup debates in the Delegate Preparation Program (working together with the Secretary of Outreach).

  • Prepare a presentation on your committee’s topic for the public and CRIMUN staff.

  • Assign delegations.

  • Respond to questions and doubts from delegates through the official email assigned to the committee.

  • Check position papers and provide adequate feedback to the delegates

  • Direct the committees the entire duration of the conference (3 days)


Requirements (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main requirements)

  • Have a minimum of 2 participations in CRIMUN debates or otherwise have attended multiple Model United Nations or debate-related activities.

  • Age: between 15-30 years old.

  • Good Oratory ability.

  • Leadership.

  • Tolerance, respect, and patience.

  • Basic knowledge of politics and international relations.

  • Have proper devices (computer or tablet) and a reliable and stable internet connection.

  • Participate in DPPs.

Additional requirements for Directors of University Committees

  • Be over 18.

  • Studied or is currently pursuing a career in the Social Sciences.

  • For ICJ: be in law school.

  • Excellent writing skills.

  • Good communication skills .

  • Copy of the applicant’s Academic Records.

  • As a mandatory requirement, 1 recommandation letter.

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