Secretary General

Description of the Role:

The Secretary General is responsible for leading the committee directors, crisis team and help in the coordination of the other secretaries. This role requires high attention to detail, impeccable grammar skills, ability to work independently and on a team, organizational skills, and ability to meet deadlines

Responsibilities (This list is not exhaustive, simply incompases the main responsibilities)

  • Lead all committee directors and crisis team.

  • Train all directors and crisis team.

  • Coordinate the writing of the story guides, supervise the process, give feedback and answer questions

  • Attend weekly Secretariat meetings.

  • Attend the All Staff meetings every three weeks.

  • Convoque meetings with the Secretariat.

  • Represent the conference by giving speeches, signing emails or having meetings with faculties, sponsors or other collaborators.

  • Track and organize with the other secretaries and supervisors the development of the tasks for the success of the conference.

  • Respond timely to messages on Slack, our main form of communication.

  • Behave in accordance with the CRIMUN Code of Conduct.


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