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Payment Process

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If you're a Faculty Advisor ready to register a school/institution delegation, the Payment method will be personalized and completed with us via email.

After completing the form in "Enrollment Process", CRIMUN 2021 will contact you to continue with the Payment Process for your school's or university's delegation. The Payment will be realized through a PayPal invoice, acording the number of delegates you will enroll in.

If you're not ready to start Enrollment Process and wish to send some previous inquiries, please contact us at

If you're a Student ready to participate in CRIMUN 2021 as an individual delegate, please follow these steps:

Step 1.

A few days after your submission of the registration form, you'll receive an email with the subject "CRIMUN 2021 PayPal format Payment" containing a PayPal invoice to complete your Payment.

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Open the email and you'll find the PayPal invoice, then click on "Checkout and Payment format" 

Remember, the Delegate Participation Fee is $16.20 (this price includes the PayPal fee).

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Step 2.

Once redirected to the PayPal page, check if your data is correct and proceed to click on "Pay $16.20"

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Log in with a PayPal account or create one! 

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Step 3.

Proceed to Checkout and fill the form with your personal data.

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Lastly, click on "Pay Now"

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Congrats! Now you're officially a delegate in CRIMUN 2021! 

After confirming your payment, the Logistics team will contact you to bring you all the details regarding your role in the conference.

See you soon!

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