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Zoom Conference

Delegate Preparation Program, Group 4

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Delegate Preparation Program, Group 4

Date and Location

26 Jul 2020, 14:00 – 17:00 GMT-6

Zoom Conference


The Delegate Preparation Program was designed by our Outreach Office with the intention of teaching new delegates how to get involved in the MUN world. 

By introducing delegates to a prestigious and pedagogical structure, we are trying to make this experience the best approach to an official CRIMUN conference.

Presented by High Skilled members of the CRIMUN Secretariat, this event aims to provide delegates the fundamental skills to enjoy our conference:

What will you learn during this Program?

  1. MUN and UN basics (History and overall organization)
  2. CRIMUN's Parliamentary Procedure
  3. Debate Skills
  4. How to write a Position Paper 
  5. How to write a Working Paper
  6. One all-day Debate: Topic "Legalization of the recreational use of cannabis in America". This debate will be in a different day from the event  (August 8th). More information will be sent in the email after registering.

"Legalization of the recreational use of cannabis in America"


The archaic stigma that cannabis has merely negative consequences prevails in most of American countries, especially in Latin America; primarily affecting the recreational use of it. Although the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been legalized in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Paraguay, the idea of ​​accepting the consumption of this drug for recreational purposes is not accepted in equal measure. More and more nations have opened up to give this natural medicine a chance, which has been used since ancient times for medicinal, recreational, and in the case of hemp, textil purposes. Unfortunately, a large part of the population adopts a conservative and traditional position on this issue, compared to the new generations who promote its legalization. These close-minded people are now the decision makers within countries. If it is already difficult for many to accept the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, it is understandable that it is even more difficult for them to proceed to legalize it with other intentions.

Despite of this, it is important to understand that times have changed, and that over the years it has been possible to learn more about cannabis and its effects, making its negative and positive consequences for the human body much clearer. Taking this into consideration, it seems necessary to reopen the discussion on the subject, and invite countries that have not legalized consumption entirely to reconsider their position on this issue by listening to the benefits that this brings, in order to achieve the legalization of marijuana.

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