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Zoom Conference

Delegate Preparation Program, Group 3

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Delegate Preparation Program, Group 3

Date and Location

25 Jul 2020, 14:00 – 17:00 GMT-6

Zoom Conference


The Delegate Preparation Program was designed by our Outreach Office with the intention of teaching new delegates how to get involved in the MUN world. 

By introducing delegates to a prestigious and pedagogical structure, we are trying to make this experience the best approach to an official CRIMUN conference.

Presented by High Skilled members of the CRIMUN Secretariat, this event aims to provide delegates the fundamental skills to enjoy our conference:

What will you learn during this Program?

  1. MUN and UN basics (History and overall organization)
  2. CRIMUN's Parliamentary Procedure
  3. Debate Skills
  4. How to write a Position Paper 
  5. How to write a Working Paper
  6. One all-day Debate: Topic "Legalization of prostitution". This debate will be in a different day from the event  (August 1st). More information will be sent in the email after registering.

"Legalization and regulation of prostitution"


One of the oldest professions of modern history, along with agriculture, animal husbandry and others, is prostitution. Despite of this, the stigmas and moral and ethical prejudices that sexual-servant workers have had to deal with for centuries, still exist. In addition to this, worldwide, the prostitution industry holds the title of being enslaving and also of being an outlaw space, which facilitates the transactions and use of illegal money. Besides, many associate the activity with the most vile and repugnant criminal acts. Likewise, the deplorable working conditions in which women, men and transgender people work are ignored. Some are even forced to work against their will, others are forced to leave their places of residence to work in specific countries or cities. All these in "unspeakable" and very poor living conditions, violating their human rights.

Part of the value that the debate about the legalization of prostitution has recently raised in developed and developing countries, is a desire to normalize and institutionalize the working conditions of thousands of people who, due to specific living conditions, dedicate themselves to this profession. Therefore, it is the International Labour Organization’s duty to encourage the UN members to elaborate judicial changes directed towards including this profession into their legal system; for it is our responsibility to  dignify their work and improve their living conditions (all this seeking to reduce the risks that the industry normally generates). As global leaders, we are responsible for improving our societies; We must break with the anachronistic stigmas that futilely harm the lives of thousands of people, and those who suffer the unjust and horrendous marginality.

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