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Delegate Preparation Program, Group 1

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Delegate Preparation Program, Group 1

Date and Location

18 Jul 2020, 14:00 – 17:00 GMT-6

Zoom Conference


The Delegate Preparation Program was designed by our Outreach Office with the intention of teaching new delegates how to get involved in the MUN world. 

By introducing delegates to a prestigious and pedagogical structure, we are trying to make this experience the best approach to an official CRIMUN conference.

Presented by High Skilled members of the CRIMUN Secretariat, this event aims to provide delegates the fundamental skills to enjoy our conference:

What will you learn during this Program?

  1. MUN and UN basics (History and overall organization)
  2. CRIMUN's Parliamentary Procedure
  3. Debate Skills
  4. How to write a Position Paper 
  5. How to write a Working Paper
  6. One all-day Debate: Topic "Assisted Suicide within the global conception of human rights". This debate will be in a different day from the event  (July 25th). More information will be sent in the email after registering.

"Assisted Suicide with the global conception of Human Rights"


The right to life is one of the main principles described in the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights; Along with it, articles such as the number 25, affirm

that everyone has the right to a high quality of live, which would allow them to

have various social, economic and medical standards as insurers of their well-

being. Over the past few years, the UN Human Rights Council has spoken out on

the issue of assisted suicide, mercy killing and euthanasia, answering to claims

from people who have felt violated because they have been denied the chance

die with dignity.

This last premise involves complex ethical postulates that cover both scientific

and social issues. Despite of the fact that few nations have approved assisted

suicide within their legal frameworks, there are many voices that have joined the

debate to determine how to give dignity to the death of a human being. Many

questions arise, regarding which are the drugs that lighten patients' ailments to

their death, euthanasia in its various classifications (positive, negative, direct,

indirect, voluntary or involuntary), the assessment of who deserves it and who

needs to be protected from it, and when can it become a crime against

humanity... According to art. 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all

people are born equal in dignity and endowed with reason and conscience, so

this same conscience should assure them of their decision to die with dignity,

and freely.

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