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United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Safeguarding the food security of the region

The Food Safety, Nutrition and eradication of world hunger plan in the 2025 agenda of CELAC has as a purpose to end world hunger. This way, the Food Safety responds to a society's capacity to provide physic, economic and social access to enough food in order to achieve an optimal condition of development. This implies, that countries should strengthen their legal and institutional structures regarding food safety, ensuring timely and sustainable access to food that is adequate, sufficient and nutritious to the community. Also, contributing to the nutritional well-being to all vulnerable crowds, promoting school feeding programs  with a emphasis in promoting healthy habits. In addition, the consideration of the emergency policies, given that it is vital to make certain the stability of production and expedient response to natural disasters, the maintaining of food reserves and, solid mechanisms of disaster prevention and management. To achieve what was stated previously, the debate will focus on the following aspects: chronic undernutrition, overweight population percentages, internal policies on a nutricional level, the roll of women, focal points of sustainable development, side effects of food prices, access to natural resources, internal financial situations, the effects of climate change in national production, among many others. This discussion of these topics comes with the aim of curating multiple perspectives in all areas, presenting concrete and effective solutions, while taking into account different fields of relevance and appropriateness.

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