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Socioeconomic Need and

Merit Based Scholarships

Each student's socioeconomic condition should not determine his or her academic opportunities. We award scholarships, every year, to more than 50 Costa Rican students who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference, in order to give them the opportunity of learning and contributing their point of view to the forum. Costa Rican delegates will first go through the registration process with their schools, followed by a series of workshops, and finally the selection process. In order to earn a scholarship to the conference, school registration must be completed by a faculty advisor here.

We firmly believe that the recognition of each years top delegates encourages students to better themselves, paving the way towards a community of leaders and problem solvers. As an incentive and recognition of their efforts, we select each year's best delegates and invite them to be a part of the delegations that represent Costa Rica at international conferences.

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